Pre-program phase

The Selection Jury comprising from experts from Visa and Eleven will review your application to get acquainted with your product / solution and team, and will evaluate potential matches with Visa/Visa Clients. It will also do an active scouting to find prospective candidates. In case initial fit is identified, you might be invited to an interview by Eleven’s team – the main objective is to validate your interest in participating in the Program and examine the mutual interest for further collaboration throughout the Program Core Phase.

Core program phase (3 + 3)

Main course (up to 3 months)

During the Main course of the Program (up to 3 months; non-residential), you will enter a carefully crafted bunch of workshops, mentoring sessions, networking and design sprints, anchoring Visa’s design thinking methodology and will work to elevate your business model to better fit the defined market challenges. The Program’s objective is to have you at a perfect shape and ready to examine future pilot opportunities with Visa/ Visa Clients with your product/solution being integrated into their offering.

The Main course’s schedule is tailored, depending on your/your mentors’ engagements and does not require you to be full time engaged with the Program within this period.

PoC Support (up to 3 months)

After the Main course, you will be entering in the PoC Support phase (another 3 months), where Eleven’s mentors in residence will guide you to approach the proof-of-concept (PoC) phase faster. You will be working side by side with experienced entrepreneurs who will help you to navigate with speed and ease the enterprise environment.


Post-program engagement

After the end of the Core program, you might be selected by Visa/Visa Client to launch a pilot. No matter the outcome, you will become part of our #OneOf11 family where we will further engage your team in community activities, bringing many business opportunities and fellow entrepreneurs for mutual support.