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Andaria emerges not merely as a fintech entity but as a beacon of financial inclusivity, leading a transformative mission to reshape the payments landscape. With seamlessly integrated solutions, the company aims to empower clients and redefine industry standards through innovation and change. Andaria’s journey of growth and evolution has been marked by securing licenses from both the FCA in the UK and MFSA in Malta.

Initially, Andaria focused on providing payment accounts across various industries, gaining profound insights into businesses’ financial needs. These insights spurred the development of their distinctive Embedded Finance solutions, celebrated for their adaptability and effectiveness. Now, Andaria boasts a proud team of over 60 skilled professionals across Malta and the UK, dedicated to delivering cutting-edge Embedded Finance solutions. Their commitment extends notably to the sports and mobility sectors, as they continue to expand their reach and refine their offerings. They remain steadfast in their dedication to driving financial inclusivity and innovation in all endeavours.


Andaria identifies the issue of financial inclusivity in traditional systems where certain individuals or businesses face exclusion from essential financial services. These gaps create barriers to entry and hinder economic empowerment for underserved communities. Many struggle to access banking services, make payments, or manage finances effectively due to limitations in existing systems.


An innovative solution that will reshape the payment landscape and promote financial inclusivity. Providing seamlessly integrated solutions and developing cutting-edge Embedded Finance offerings, Andaria empowers clients across diverse industries. Their aim is to bridge the gap between financial institutions and underserved communities, ensuring access to tools and resources for economic prosperity. Through disruption, innovation, and a commitment to change, Andaria works toward a more inclusive financial ecosystem where all individuals and businesses can thrive.


Andaria addresses key business challenges by enhancing end-user engagement and checkout rates, crucial for boosting sales and fostering loyalty. It facilitates business inclusivity by providing payment accounts and global financial tools, vital for expanding into new markets and competing globally. Additionally, Andaria tackles financial hurdles by reducing operational costs, streamlining payment processes, and implementing revenue-generating solutions, thus optimizing financial operations and driving growth. Lastly, it ensures top-notch security and simplifies payment flows, enhancing trust, mitigating risks, and contributing to long-term success in the market.

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