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iFactor is not just a service but a catalyst for change in the SME lending landscape. 

By enhancing the analytical capabilities of banks and other lenders, iFactor offers a comprehensive marketplace solution that transforms risk assessment processes. 

By integrating state-of-the-art marketplace capabilities into its risk assessment product, iFactor is revolutionizing the way SME lending is conducted. 

Founded by serial entrepreneur Cosmin Curticapean, alongside PHD technical co-founders Mihai and Sebastian, and seasoned bankers Flavia Richardson and Manuel Costescu, iFactor was born from a shared vision to solve the liquidity issues that small businesses face. Their innovative approach focuses on developing an Embedded Semantic SME Lending platform designed to address the critical financial challenges of entrepreneurs. 


Traditional banking systems often fall short in supporting SMEs, especially when it comes to accessing essential credit services. The rigidity and outdated methodologies in credit assessment pose significant barriers, limiting the growth potential of many small businesses. Entrepreneurs struggle to secure financing, which stifles innovation and economic expansion. The need for a more dynamic and inclusive approach to SME lending is evident, requiring solutions that bridge the gap between traditional banks and modern financial needs. 


iFactor responds to this need with a robust, cutting-edge SME Credit Intelligence Service. By enhancing the analytical capabilities of banks and other lenders, iFactor offers a comprehensive marketplace solution that transforms risk assessment processes. This innovative platform leverages real-time data analysis, AI, and machine learning to provide more accurate credit scoring models. It aims to reduce operational resistance within financial institutions and streamline the integration of new technologies, making credit more accessible and tailored to the unique needs of SMEs. 


The issues iFactor addresses are vital for the sustainable growth of small businesses in today’s competitive environment. Improving the credit assessment processes enhances end-user engagement, fosters customer loyalty, and drives sales, ultimately contributing to revenue growth. By simplifying access to credit, iFactor helps SMEs to thrive, innovate, and expand into new markets. 

Overcoming the traditional resistance to technology adoption in banking is crucial for economic empowerment. iFactor’s solution not only facilitates smoother financial operations for SMEs but also ensures compliance with regulatory standards, maintaining the delicate balance between innovation and data privacy. 

Success for iFactor is defined by three key achievements: 

  1. Market Adoption: Establishing strategic partnerships that enable both domestic and international expansion, positioning iFactor as a global leader in SME credit intelligence. 

  1. Impact on SME Growth: Demonstrating significant improvements in the growth and sustainability of SMEs by enhancing their access to credit. 

  1. Innovation in Credit Analysis: Continuously advancing their analytics capabilities to stay at the forefront of credit intelligence, incorporating the latest technologies to refine credit scoring models and improve accuracy. 

By addressing these critical challenges, iFactor is not just transforming SME lending but also paving the way for a more inclusive financial ecosystem where all businesses have the opportunity to flourish. 

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