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The Visa Innovation Program continues to grow by leaps and bounds, connecting the most promising entrepreneurs with innovative corporate companies.  

Today, we are happy to introduce the last two fintechs out of the 18 participating startups in the program. Meet Fintegre, which unlocks new payment flows and HASO – the first “Buy Now Pay Later” system in fintech in Turkey.

At a glance:

The Problem

Retailers are constantly looking for ways to increase their sales and profit margins. Fintegre provides financial services that increase the affordability of retailers merchandise.

The Solution

Fintegre provides affordability solutions through their portals in five main verticals:

  1. Consumer Finance.
  2. Insurance Products.
  3. Buyback and trade-in programs.
  4. Leasing and rental programs.
  5. Closed loop Marketplace.

Fintegre integrates service providers into their portal and retailers can offer those services to their customers through it.

Why is this important?

Retailers are always looking for solutions to improve their bottom-line and Fintegre enables them to provide such services through a single source. Those solutions can be tailored according to their needs and desired customer experience. Fintegre shortens the time for implementation and ensures that the desired customer experience is delivered. And thus retailers are able to improve their sales and  increase profits.

Founder Blitz

In order to learn even more intriguing insights, our team met with Fintegre’s founders for a  quick “founder blitz”. 

1. What inspired you to start Fintegre?

We started providing a consumer innovative financing solution where retailers can sell their merchandise in instalments. That solution immediately got positive traction and penetrated to major retailers. Then retailers started asking for other services like insurance and buyback. So, we started adding them and look for other verticals which will serve same objective.

3. What is the biggest challenge you have come against since you established Fintegre

A change in regulation, which limits the installment sales in Turkey was the biggest challenge we have ever faced. 

2. What is your next big milestone?

Our next big milestone is to scale up our company by enriching the services in our existing verticals and increasing the number of merchants using our portal.

4. What does success look like for Fintegre?

Thousands of retailers all around the world using our portal.

At a glance:

The Problem

In Turkey, there is a 42% segment outside the banking system. And since the people in this unbanked segment do not use any banking products, they cannot shop as they wish.

Merchants on the other hand are unable to identify the segments of their shoppers and cannot monitor their payment behaviour. At the same time, the cost of hosting human resources for account management is high. For this reason, it is not possible for them to sell to the different segments mentioned above.

The Solution

HASO is an alternative (Buy Now Pay Later) payment method where customers who are outside of the banking system can make their online or offline shopping today and start paying with installment options a month later. HASO has many channels where the customer can pay, such as Credit Card, Debit Card, Prepaid Card, Mobile Payment, and Money Order.

Why is this important?

HASO is a solution that creates added value for both the merchant and the end user and takes many precautions to protect both the merchants and the customers’ balance and rights. Also, HASO cares about those who are outside of the banking system and want to shop, and plays a binding role for them.

Founder Blitz

Meet HASO’s founders and learn more about their vision and the next milestones for the company in our “founder blitz”.

1. What inspired you to start HASO?

We were aware that “Buy Know Pay Later” systems have grown rapidly in recent years, but we were intrigued by the fact that they did not enter the Turkish market even though there are many big players. When we examined the reasons for this, we saw that in developing countries such as Turkey, there is a large number of people who are called unbanked and who are outside the banking system. Reaching these people was what inspired us to create a “Buy Know Pay Later” system that can be used in emerging markets and we did that by combining our knowledge and experience in both the financial sector and the e-commerce sector.

3. What is the biggest challenge you have come against since you established HASO

As a platform, HASO needs to be integrated with dozens of companies such as e-commerce systems, cash systems, credit recording systems. Since it is a new company, these integration processes are progressing slowly.

2. What is your next big milestone?

Our next big milestone is negotiating to sign an agreement with 10 big players in the retail sector in Turkey. Thanks to these 10 big players, the HASO system, which is already in great demand on the end-user side, will become much more known and other companies will contact us to use our solution in their own companies. 

4. What does success look like for HASO?

The possibility of using such a system all over the world motivates us a lot. The real success for HASO is that such a system can be used not only in developed countries but also in developing countries around the world.

It's a wrap!

As part of the Visa Innovation Program, both startups are actively meeting with potential partners and clients, participating in various workshops, further developing their products… and exciting things are coming up! Follow our Blog, Facebook, and LinkedIn channels to stay up-to-date!

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