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The Visa Innovation Program Europe is a partnership platform for fintech companies and Visa clients spanning across Southern Europe. The program empowers fintech firms to solve the payment and commerce issues of the future, strengthen their product propositions, and supply forward-thinking solutions for Visa’s vast network of partners.

Selected fintechs in the Visa Innovation Program Europe gain numerous growth prospects, including the partnership with Visa and its network. They receive customized mentorship, access to over $300,000 in perks, and resources that facilitate global business expansion.

Meet the fintechs selected for VIPE Spain and Portugal Edition

The Visa Innovation Program Spain & Portugal Edition Kick-off Event on May 16, 2023 commenced with enthusiasm, gathering key players in the fintech ecosystem. Kaan Akın from Hackquarters, along with Eduardo Prieto of Visa España, extended a warm welcome to all attendees. Eva Ruiz, Gus Martinez, Jaime Cerdeira Pascual, Marta Aguirre, Melihcan Yucel, Montserrat Lerena, and Kerman Ispizua, all part of the Visa team, formed the “Dream Team” that shared their expertise and insights. Sabina Babayeva from Hackquarters provided an overview of the VIPE agenda and the program’s process, setting the stage for exciting opportunities. The selected fintech companies for 2023 captivated the audience with their innovative pitches. Engaging discussions and exchanges took place during the event, fostering a collaborative environment to drive forward fintech innovation in Spain and Portugal. The kick-off event marked the beginning of a transformative journey, empowering participants to revolutionize the payment and commerce landscape in the region.

This year, the Visa Innovation Program Europe Spain and Portugal Edition has significantly impacted the fintech ecosystem, with 111 applications received from Spain and Portugal, 15 shortlisted, and 8 selected for the program. Let’s see who they are!

Dedomena AI: Dedomena AI is an Artificial Intelligence company that provides data solutions for businesses by putting privacy first.

Coverflex: Coverflex is a digital platform that provides flexible compensation solutions beyond salary for companies, helping manage benefits, insurance, meal allowances, and exclusive discounts while allowing employees to customize their compensation packages.

Fraudio: Fraudio provides centralized AI-powered fraud detection solutions for the payments ecosystem, connecting merchants, payment service providers, and other players to prevent and fight fraud in real time.

Goscore: Goscore provides cross-border credit scoring solutions that promote financial inclusion, using transactional data and ML to deliver fair risk profiles and portable financial histories.

HolyWally: HolyWally is a no-code B2B white-label wallet-as-a-service platform that enables businesses to prototype and launch a payment solution for users in weeks with a modular plug-and-play partner network.

Reveni: Reveni is a platform that turns returns into a sales and loyalty lever by offering customers instant, easy, and risk-free refunds.

Toqio: Toqio is a SaaS fintech platform that enables companies to create fully branded banking and finance solutions. Toqio offers a comprehensive platform for developing innovative fintech solutions, including a customizable Marketplace of partners.

DoGood: DoGood People is a sustainability-focused startup that provides a software app for employees to practice sustainability by completing challenges related to the SDGs.

Meet the fintechs selected for VIPE Italy Edition

The Visa Innovation Program Europe Italy Edition Kick-off Event on May 18, 2023 was an exciting gathering that set the stage for transformative innovation. Attendees were welcomed by Kaan Akın from Hackquarters, and introduced to the esteemed Visa team, including Luca Airoldi, Luca Moroni, Filippo Manca, Melihcan Yücel, and Andrea Zamboni. Sabina Babayeva from Hackquarters provided a comprehensive VIPE agenda and process overview. Selected fintechs for 2023 showcased their groundbreaking solutions, inspiring the audience with their potential. Engaging Q&A sessions sparked insightful discussions, while the networking session facilitated valuable connections and collaborations.

At Visa Innovation Program Europe Italy Edition, we’re proud to collaborate with Talent Garden, Europe’s leading digital skills academy, which helps empower people and organizations through transformative experiences. After a rigorous selection process, we’re excited to announce the 6 fintechs selected for the program – out of 74 applications from Italy and 10 shortlisted. 

CashDirector: CashDirector is a Business Digital Assistant for MSMEs, helping them save time in their daily administrative and financial tasks and manage their cash flow. 

Conio: Conio is a digital assets custody and management provider with a patented fund recovery system and aims to be the most trusted company by financial institutions and enterprises.

Fairtile: Credit Intelligence and Automation Platform leveraging AI technologies to generate insights and automate actions using device data and other sources to unlock new business value and customer experience.

Ineo: Anti-fraud and digital onboarding services for KYC and AML identification and acquisition, digitizing remote and face-to-face onboarding processes.

STEP 4 Business: STEP 4 Business is a global digital challenger for SMEs that utilizes open banking, open finance, and IT competitive advantages to provide a unique user experience.

Voiceme: VOICEME is a secure customer authentication platform that uses voice recognition and 5 other factors, including payment, document signing, access control, and identity confirmation. 

Meet the fintechs selected for VIPE Turkey Edition

We kicked off The Visa Innovation Program Europe Turkey Edition with a gorgeous event on June 6, 2023. The event began with a warm welcome from Onur Devran Çakır from Visa, followed by an engaging presentation on program outcomes from 2019 to 2023 by Sabina Babayeva from Hackquarters. Then our rising stars showcased their innovative solutions and potential to revolutionize the fintech landscape. The event wrapped up with a networking session, a crucial part that allowed participants to foster potential collaborations and explore further opportunities. 

This year, the Visa Innovation Program Europe Turkey Edition has significantly impacted the fintech ecosystem, with 55 applications, 10 shortlisted, and 5 selected for the program. 

Abonesepeti: Abonesepeti is a subscription management platform that helps you subscribe, manage and unsubscribe your subscriptions in one app. Members can manage subscriptions, lower their bills, build budgets and automatically set aside money to reach their savings goals.

Agrio Finans: Agrio is an impact-oriented financial technology solution that prepares the Agriculture and Food economy for Greendeal. The solution enables the issuance of green deal-compliant digital assets for the agriculture and food supply chain with a usage of governed financial authorization.

Craftgate: “One-Stop” Shop Payment Orchestration: Craftgate Craftgate is a comprehensive payment orchestration solution that empowers you to seamlessly integrate and manage multiple virtual POSs, payment service providers, and alternative payment methods through a unified dashboard.

Enqura: EnQualify : Next Generation ID Verification powered by AI on Mobile! EnQualify is a Gold Stevie Award 2023 winner, super fast ID Verification platform including Identity card, face verification and multi factor customer authentication, based on Enqura’s state of the art “AI on Mobile Edge” technology. Digitally onboard your customers in less than 1 minute!

Recepta: Recepta is a platform that helps businesses to offer customized paper and digital receipts to their customers, without requiring any personal information like email or phone number at checkout. Recepta uses the payment card number to identify the customer, ensuring that customers are protected from spam emails, calls, and marketing messages.

Meet the fintechs selected for VIPE Greece, Cyprus, and Malta Edition

We had a wonderful Kick-off event on May 19th where we met with the founders of the selected fintech companies that will be participating in the Visa Innovation Program Europe Greece Cyprus & Malta Edition. We spoke about their individual journeys in the program including access to funding opportunities, showcasing, a vibrant network having access to the European market, partnership & funding opportunities, mentorship and much more. We showcased some success stories from previous cohorts and flagship projects, giving the startups a glance of what’s ahead and what they can achieve. We also went back and forth about the program through a Q&A session and were able to share the opportunities it will bring for each startup and their respective tech ecosystem.

Let’s meet the selected fintechs for VIPE Greece Cyprus & Malta!

Billys provides a vertical SaaS platform for building management ultimately solving the problem of lack of transparency, reporting, and coordination in cash payments for service charges in apartment buildings.

Cloudeo is looking to solve the problem surrounding the complexity and fragmentation of the geospatial market, they are simplifying geo-business for customers & partners by providing a wide range of geo-data products, GIS software, and applications from various providers on a single platform.

Envirly is a carbon management software that is designed to help companies track measure and reduce their carbon footprint helping them meet the needs of the market companies that are embracing sustainable strategies.

Futurae is an authentication suite platform that makes the authentication process easier and safer for users and companies. Ultimately, it helps developers integrate secure and user-friendly authentication methods into their applications.

Loyale is a marketing platform that is solving the problem of customer retention and increasing repeat purchase rates that will ultimately help businesses automate their marketing, boost sales, and increase their repeat purchase rate.

MyTeam uses its online platform to solve problems relating to optimizing the daily operations and financial management of sports clubs and organizations, as well as improving communication with their members.

Môveo is a Complete Enterprise Platform SaaS platform that uses unstructured data from past conversations and knowledge centers to create enterprise-grade conversational AI agents that allow enterprises to easily automate any business process.

PayNetX has developed a global hybrid platform designed to revolutionize the way traditional financing and decentralized financing work together, solving the problem of integration between the two.

And to wrap this article up

The Visa Innovation Program Europe serves as a dynamic alliance hub, connecting visionary fintech enterprises with Visa clients throughout the Southern European region. It ignites the potential of fintech companies to revolutionize the realm of payments and commerce, elevating their product offerings to unprecedented heights and delivering ingenious solutions to Visa’s extensive network of partners. This is just the beginning, stay tuned!

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