Meet Us at Visa Startup Zone on Webit

Next week we are at Visa Startup Zone at Webit. Come around and pitch us your fintech solution!

Sweets, handshakes and charms are guaranteed, but we know that your startup needs are far beyond that…

Eleven’s Senior team will be at Visa Startup Zone next Week at Webit (May 14th – 15th) to spread further some light around the Visa Innovation Program and why it is not just a fancy innovation accessory.

Reaching the right decision makers.. Navigating enterprise politics…. Fighting corporate warriors … Winning partners… Sounds familiar?

Pick up your 3 top challenges and let’s chat.

Already interested in what you have heard – apply here!

About Visa Innovation Program

Visa Innovation Program leverages startups’ brightest ideas, enhancing the traditional financial services offering for end consumers and businesses. It is a door-opener which provides faster market access, shortened sales enterprise cycle and a ton of fintech industry knowledge.

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